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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 111715  SFGTV  November 18, 2015 9:00pm-12:01am PST

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streets this is also in a need or problem unique to the population in san francisco it impacts all of us the use of a public bathroom restroom is a human necessity and our pit spot at the plaza the children and farmers and shopper at the heart of the farmer's market in our backyard are able to use them residents and others we need clean and safe public restrooms you've used them in the neighborhood we can fully leverage the exciting resources to help make this happen and looking forward to the hearing from all the possibility i also want to recognize again, the controller's office public works and also rec and park for the time they've spent studying this issue and thank you to the many residence that leading lent
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thorough support to those coming out today to speak on this issue we'll be hearing from public works and the controller's office to present their naturals i see the idnuru. >> for making this success. >> i'll acknowledge supervisor wiener for putting three and four before director star are and commenting for your work on the pit stop program i found to be successful as mr. nuru will attest we've had a long, long problem with the j.c. code toilets the one in front of the the market street and market and
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buchanan it was really just horrible and a lot of people myself included talked about how to move it elsewhere until it was completely fail people with or living in there and shooting up florida in under except for the call of nature. >> thank you to mr. nuru it is staffed and what it is not staffed it is closed for those specific hours and since it was taken into the pit stop program i've not had a single complainant but the toilet i've noticed in the surrounding area and it shows what happened when you have the pro-active approach to make sure that everyone in the city has access to the roormentz in a thoughtful way i want to thank you for bring up that particular toilet into the
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program. >> all right. i'm glad to hear this presentation i want to hear with supervisor kim has done in ore district and rolling it out in the district so with that, said director nuru. >> thank you, supervisor kim for calling the hearing as supervisor kim said the concept was born a little bit over a year ago we were having a budget meeting and landmarking for a solution to the concerns around people who defecating in the streets and also that year we talked about drought and how we could reduce water and as a result, the pit stop program was conceived at the public works department and the program is a
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very really straightforward program it provides bathrooms to the public and the bathrooms locations was selected bans a little bit of some data we collected in the toipd and the first 3 locations were seconded and you'll hear if the presentation we have 9 locations in the works the bathrooms is pretty sure as you've heard what makes the difference is the supervision scott wagner having someone under at each location and every one of the locates recognitions location we have test applied and seen an increase we'll show the number of uses as high as 50 percent or more the bathrooms created to be a
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safe place for someone to be able to use the bathroom but as part of the program we also provide an area where people can discard the needles and also an area where people can pickup doggy bags they come together the actual bathroom a doerl deeper we call a pit stop the bathrooms have to be very clean so the pilot we're using actively provides fresh air and make sure the toilets are clean, make sure there is soap to wash our hands everything you'll except concept in a bathroom the next slide shows steam cleaning request in the city citywide as you can see the concentrations
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of where the department needs to respond to steam cleaning and as you can see the tenderloin is very, very dark the mission and selma, the castro parts of hate street and their skaurtd throughout the city the concentration are mainly in the mid market area and towards mission. >> a little bit about the program itself the program itself as you can see does a does a number of things most important when people need to go have a place to go it is a job training program so the partnership is a lot of the people that manage these bathrooms and training he get them ready for a job
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the bathroom also provides the areas where people can get rid of things by having the bathroom staffed when people come along with you know pads or shopping cart or something the staff assists to keep an eye on those facilities those are some of the benefits of the program. >> where we are we're in the locations o locations in addition to data there is some locations we are just piloting and seeing what a difference it will make as you can see a contemplation in the south of market a around 16 and mission and the 2020 location. >> excuse me. director nuru
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how did you select the locations for the current pit stop and how to select the future locations. >> so when we started the program we looked at our data on areas we received a large number of calls steam cleaning and those areas were primarily in the tenderloin we went out and did some field surveys for a couple of months collecting the data for the most appropriate locations one of the key areas we found out in the our studies that many of those areas are the soup kitchens are located there was a contemplation not enough facilities is the pilot showed an indication those were some prime areas and in addition to
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other areas that we had based on the area the first 3 were rolled out in the tenderloin and two of them close to programs that provide meals and one of them is the program that a lot of people like to hang out. >> the pit as to the in the tenderloins are they staffed or non-staffed. >> all pit stopped are staffed that's the concept of the bathrooms and our program is two types of toilets one we'll hear from the j.c. city group toilets been around for many years those are permanent and the mobile ones those can move so mostly in the tenderloin we're working on mobile toilets yeah. >> thank you the next graph actually show us from data before we started the
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pit stop, stop you'll see the blue requests for steaming and as we implemented the pit stop over others last year and few months as you can see the huge reduction in the request for steam cleaning so in those areas where altercation using our data we had to respond to calls those areas we targeted and seen a reduction in the request for services but also in some of the cleaning up of those areas citywide we're still struggling citywide as you can see citywide, you know, it the data is fluctuating but you know we don't have this program all over the city we said to share that data so you can see yeah. >> okay i think one of the areas we did
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want to share some detail with you is the mission the program in the mission the program in the mission had a combination of both j.c. growth and the pit stop and they've the pit stop is more located closer to 16th street and cap and the other on the bart plaza but from just when we started the pit stop program on 16th street and cap street we've seen the huge increase by 51 percent and on the j.c. coffee toilet on the plazas we've seen an increase as high as 92 percent so that's 92 percent matt haney going above double the number of flushes in the j.c. corridor so that tells
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us we've found this in our locations the having staff at the location and making sure that it is clean and available for when people want to use them more people are using them and the number of flushes increasing because of more use the next slide just shows citywide where we have the various types of toils the greens are the j.c. coffee and the ones in the blue are pit stops and the ones with the darker blue the pit stops that are staffed so right now we killer have 9 locations in the city those locations are next slide, please if you want yeah 9 locations but the pit as opposed
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mostly the hours of operation of days a way week and 5 locates for the 3 of them in the tenderloin and the one in the mission and the other 1 of street 4 locations those are staffed for twelve hours a day two of them one at the corner of larkin and grove and the other on the corner of market street and the one that supervisor wiener talked about at 2020 market street across from the whole foods and the fourth one is located in the mission on the bart plaza and with all of them we have seen huge increases in the number of flushes, in fact, the one at civic center and the plazas are going triple the
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number of uses just by counting the number of flushes and we've also seen an increase in a lot of calls to our agency for people who really appreciate having the bathrooms that are there a lot of the children and others are using them so you know we strong belief in staffing for the costs of staffing the main toilets for the pit stop a little bit over seven hundred thousand for the 5 locates and the j.c. already permanently there the cost is 200 and 35 thousand or so is being budgets this year in the works we're looking at locations we're looking at hate ashbury so we're in the budget
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and working with the recreation and parks department to figure out where that locations will be the it is currently there the plan to staff j.c. and also need to bring the pit stop somewhere along hate street maybe towards the middle we're working on that that is funded here and in district 9 working with supervisor campos expressed an interest in funding he has to explore a location in the mission. >> the future the program objective we are in a pilot phase but one of the i think key challenges is to begin to make sure that these bathrooms are more ada assessable and starting the process of going into a design phase of what types of ramps can work and the
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challenges are mostly with the pit stops we have to move them from place to place and what kind of amenities and looking at the types of bathrooms additional amenities we can add to make them more comfortable for the public. >> i'll leave it with a slide from one of the quotes from someone who has relevance interviewed with a retiree that says the pit stop is private, it is clean, and it has a sink, it has soap and seat covers and paper twoeldz and light that is comfortable and a blessing a wonderful space thank you. >> thank you. i love that
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comment too it is very important a human elements to add to the presentation i want to talk about the costs of pit stop it seems like to be fairly expensive to run and operate the portable pit stop is this number $700,000 figure is that to manage the pit stops in existence. >> the 5 you have but includes the cleaning and also includes the transporting to the various sites those are the mobile toilets and brought ultimate and brought back. >> to the same locations every time. >> yes. normally around the same location. >> is they're going back to
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one of the previous slides of the future requests have you identified money e money in the budgeted to absorb the potential locations. >> in this budgeted that was passed that was the first new edition of funds previously the 3 location one halfway through the budget and now 9 locations we are pilot and going to be adding two more to that up to 11 and as we collect data and for the locations we study those locations so the future of public bathrooms being staffed is really being looked at very, very closely he have an opportunity right now with public toilet contract out on the streets in their soliciting vendors to apply for the
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contract that contract will look at the existing toilets and possible even adding toilets we're using the data to locate the potential areas but studying the toilets those toilets have not been staffed in the past and trying to staff those locations so see what types of feedback but from the admissible studies we've done and the initial feedback made an enormous amount of change. >> let me ask a question i know you know the bayview on the list of potential sites nothing on the third street corridor i wanted to get you're showcasing opinion is that an oversight or a demands just not where that needs to be -
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>> i think with every situation and ever request for where in their located needs background when we were looking at all parts of city including did bayview we looked at the third and other areas as a potential location owe felt we have communities groups e.r. amenities in the area with the jolie rec center and the nonprofit in the area we're not received a request asking for it but looking at that could be a potential location. >> i appreciate that unusual or usually those are facilities the homeless people are discouraged from using those facilities of their rec and park
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but it is is growing demands for the pit stops along the corridor we have numerous requests. >> you know which one person needs to leave it in good condition we say staff to make sure they're not abused and really you know have a good experience. >> thank you so much supervisor kim. >> i just wanted to you know comment on the human aspect the pit stop and mentioned i've talked with countless avoid or individual another woman talked about how she goes to the same pitted stop every afternoon it is the one time during the day she gets to be my herself and spends time meditating there are countless things beyond the
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basic necessity of a clean bathroom but i really 20789 commend director nuru when i brought up the issue of access to clean and safe bathrooms in the tenderloin museum i want to give a shout out and our con co-concepts we came up with ideas we didn't think would work we saw with the j.c. bathrooms prior they're under utilized and a magnet for dangerous activities we wouldn't have this fireman today and hopefully, we'll demonstrate not only the other aspects we're safeway money through this program i'm exist to see this citywide every neighborhood should have this program thank you. >> all right. thank you director nuru. >> i public comment cards.
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>> we have the controller's office my apologies the controller's office is here to do a presentation we have pike stephen on and other this is a citywide analysis from the controller's office kind of comping through the data. >> thank you very much welcome back ms. stephano son. >> i'm head the controller's office and i'll turn it over to claire and phil we're asked to expand the analysis and bring in other data sources and if you want to look at the data where you should site toilets in the city this is designed that way if you want us to we'll walk you through the analysis it is
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interesting. >> good afternoon committee members i'm claire with the controller's office and with my colleague joel and we'll present a special accessibility on the public toilets. >> so we're to provide a representation of the public toilets are located and the toilets can be added to provide for access in the higher demands areas we're proud remedies for pit stop analysis and expansion and provide a cost comparison for public resources and staffing. >> i'm going to move through this quickly that is what public works has presented but the tack
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away a total of 9 locations in the pit stop and they're all staffed. >> so the types of current public toilets we included in the analysis are permanent locations that is rec and park and parks and libraries and hospital as well as parking garage and fire stations and portable the 5 location and the future locations the city determines as well as the semi permanent the j.c. there are 25 j.c. throughout the city and 5 of them are currently staffed in the pit stop and 20 unstaffed are the ones that are open 24/7 with that, i'm going to turn it over to joe to walk through the analysis. >> good afternoon, supervisors jump cerebrothe analysis figure a on the vein the location 200
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and 74 half of those are maintained by the recreation and parks department police and fire stations 20 percent dpw and the library has between 10 and 11 percent and the rest is dpw health clinics and parking garages and others to be built we don't have complete data on the hours of the locations but in general we know for example, the parks facilities and pit stops library close others 9:00 p.m. we identified the one siding there are a number of them fall from the map in particular the number drops into 200 and 74 down to 278 difference between daytime and night time but from here our
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analysis is daytime hours we don't look at variant including the staff that library has on different days and we don't have- know how many people can request to use the bathrooms at police and fire stations and people that are comfortable to provide the conservative ascertainment of the situation we saw those at the ends of the analysis we have anecdotal two tenth of a mile is someone will walk to use the bathroom this is a 2 million buffer and to give you a sense of conform, however, this didn't account for the amount of demands in the next slide homeless people are not the only users we want to understand how assessable to the
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population and that is what you see represented in the shading on this map here we used the location of the restrooms in combination with the 2015 homeless sense census data and the darker shaded areas are the lower and the lights err the higher accessibility the others are the room to help said we focused on the sunset neighborhoods and the lower position a brightlyly shaded area here we have a number of rooms co-authors to the census data on the index higher and right police have that with a lower ascertainment because no restrooms located in that edition bull a lot of demand in
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this area as well in contrast the tenderloin as you can see a number of rooms but no stated has lower accessibility more people significantly more people in that area so to focus our attention on the area that needs it the most that's not not showing up on the screen we took out the areas with either a higher accessibility or a low demands and last in figure 57 this is a big area it is further to focus our attention we analyzed 311 data to see the hot spots for street cleaning to human wastes and that's shown on the map in the upper left we did the same thing with the pilot data people will use the restrooms that
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exist if they feel comfortable so we've done this the figure on the right this is starting with 311 hot spots spots where the additional locations could be placed and indicating there purple where the hot spots overlap the 311 opposing help to identify the areas for additional staffing figure 7 a brings the information together and figure 7 b sodiums in the primary area in the northeast corner of the city we've identified here 6 different areas where the we feel the area suggests that the program could be expanded the first one in the vicinity of market street between montgomery fremont we're not suggesting that the portable attests be placed at those locations but nevertheless, the data suggests
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it has identified needs that should be addressed the second one on the map is in the vicinity of thifrd and bryan this is near the i 80 overpass we know this is the homeless encampments and the third one is this is in the invented of 6th street and brian the hall of justice and the police station as a result of we factor in the hall of justice is there and that may influence the outcome the fourth one is the larger area near 9th street and fulsome the fifth in the vicinity of fulsome again an overpass and skate parking in this area that didn't have a restroom and finally this is in the vicinity of brandon
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i'm going to turn it over to claire to discuss her findings. >> so the felt out of this analysis the first is it there, there are a number of displacement rooms throughout the city and a few locations with a higher demands and a limited number of locations that need additional toilets our second significantly less availability citywide for an assembly toilet between 9 o'clock at night and 9 o'clock in the morning and they disclose by the rec and park facility although they differ on schedule forefront from dawn actually dusk based on those finding a number of recommendations the first is to continue this data
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driven approach to develop important staffing locations and to evaluate the opportunities to expand public restroom housing and staff and to evaluate the pilots and the restroom use so there are a number of public toilet resources that are out there and can be beneficial they have different benefits to start the porta potty the city is familiar there are short term and longer than to different locations and the costs are low those costs didn't include the culture service only the one expense a portable personal toilet that can be used for cam and carried with someone they told her e folded up into a
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brief case and they can be individual to a person. >> where are they available how do i get one. >> you can find them as the r e i a number of online stores that provide them. >> you threw me it applies to other public resources i thought that was a public resource. >> no. those are the toilet options for the public resources so porta potties in addition to the public toilets costs considerations in the public toilet the bags needs to be replenished and the air p and p the applications to search and see what is in you're showcasing area a variety of businesses will advertise their toilets anywhere from zero to 5 conflict
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of interests some offer toilets free of charge and just is if you're available in this area come in and use the toilets others will charge from one to $5 to use the toilet peruse another option the p planter the p mraeshts are available any time there is a bit more trains i'll talk about that in the next slide and also the portland i'll talk about that and those are similar to the j.c. designed for that urban areas so to get to the p plan it is self-contained they're out in the open they're a bit more transparent in the picture some plastic and also a planter that provides transparency and dignity to the use the restroom in the public space. >> do we have any in san
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francisco. >> we don't currently. >> where are those available oakland did a pilot and it is a startup they're working with other agencies. >> you evaluate their pilot program. >> i believe that public works will be able to speak about what we found and speaking with them they mentioned when we looked at the p planter they're really only used for urine not for all types of public wastes so it is specific to areas that have issues with urine and but we can look into the other locations that have used those in the pilots to see their educational to look that the benefits the p planters the use of gray water and the plants are reuse the water and it is treated so there are not issues
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are odor and available 24/7 the portland this was designed in pormd not only the city of portland but san diego is using some their designed to be duringable their 0 in the pictures notices at enclosed you can see above and below they're a bit more transparency to that safety aspect of a public toilet and on a sting inside it is on the outside where people wash their hands and thought of better for urban investment since no way to tell if the sing was left on inside of the public toilet and more transparent if someone leaves it on it can be turned off by another water source who uses the water source outside of the public room and
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it is electrical by ac lighting and low flush we require a sewer connection so this is something to consider when thinking about costs and locations and 2012 portland paid one thousand 40 theories thousand and every one was after that lower like $12,000 so we talked about that many benefits of public toilets the environmental cycle water supporting the public works expansion efforts to have an area that is clean and safe important people to use as needed cost also is reduced for street steam cleaning and save facilities that are assessable to all the benefits of staffing really goes to that clean and safe place and jobs program with
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workforce development and low income individuals so staffing for others 9 staffing location are all staffed the portable toilets are staff 8 hours a day and the other ones 12 hours a day public works prior his the soup kitchen location did a walk through service and public works they are on the streets and the 311 human waste requests public works promoted a staffing at 87 thousand there's for the pilot location at church and market value and public works is in the process of identifying the next location a few notes on budget of the violated portable part of pit stop the cost is one hundred and
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one thousand plus per units the staffing is the $87,000 plus for staffing in addition another budget a 060 thousand add back from supervisor london breed to staff the j.c. toilet at mueller this shied gives american people overall comparison the toilets we've tubed as you can see the different between those that are available the date hair available in the evening and again, the j.c. are upcoming staffed are 24/7 those are available at night and the porta pot emmy's are twenty-four hours and the portable toilets are currently just during the day part of pit stop program is closing by 9 o'clock at night so we have the estimate costs the higher ends of the costs are the
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public works and the planters in blue and for the staffing costs estimate we're assuming expands hours to 14 hours a day from 6 at night and 6 to the morning or 7 to 9:00 o'clock but summoning u assuming 20 dallas an hour that is one hundred thousand applause plus or minus if the hours are expanded more vaeblt between 9 o'clock at night and 9 o'clock in the morning for a 14 hours day those are the costs estimates and the total cost the j.c. estimated annual cost per unit the city is not paying right now but the j.c. contract comes up at the end of negotiation and so if there are other options you'll see that the costs are a little bit
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higher for the porta pot emmy's on the lower end and the others between two-hundred do and $50,000 that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> staff any questions. >> supervisor kim and no questions i want to say outline you iuoe how the controller's office helped with the multiple source of data to understand the resources the city circling has to utilize without additional costs and maybe improve some of the access to those like our libraries and rec and park and be interesting to look at the firehouses as well but to look at the data with the gaps it is incredibly interesting i want to make sure we have a citywide data driven to put the resources where the need is this is a
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really nice study and look at the possibilities and what other cities are diagnose and the costs benefit or the cost analysis so thank you for your work and we have one final quick presentation from the rec and park. >> good afternoon. supervisors we are mostly available for questions but pointing out out an expansion as the controller's office mentioned we got an ad back from supervisor president london breed office to initially to staff a restroom at hate and daniel at golden gate park with the communication with the recreation and parks department and the lessons through the pilot shifted to the j.c. a half
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block further that is a lesson for all of us not every single room is appropriate for staffing given the location and some of the chronic restraints wanted to let you know that -- excuse me. i'm fighting a cold that our rooms are there are different categories of restrooms in our system we have a total of one and 66 rooms 50 of those are expanded alone the type of rooms in the panhandle in golden gate park 3 three of those are internal to the rooms like supervisor cowen at the jolie rec center is staffed and open much later on dusk 68 of our restrooms are we call associated with the building but they also face the exterior of
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the park for example, on hampton arock arock center restrooms that serve the interior but assess them from the playground and because we're looking at to by the people from obligation bond we have of restrooms that are under construction. >> that's all thank you. >> thank you. let's go ahead and take public comment i have a few cards i'll call up a few people (calling names) my apologies in i mispronounced the names are you edward.
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>> i am. >> good to see you. >> good afternoon edward a proud residents of district 10 live a couple of blocks from the plaza i'm happy to hear supervisor cohen mentions i think that is an convalescent location for one of the portable toilets in the staffing for that toilet i've person witnessed people urinating and dennis herrera kate around that a utility box on upcoming daily and third street it is a full urine sitting at the base this will go along ways to help that situation i'll urge you go you to support it. >> the data didn't support what we know as a reality. >> i'll take issue where the opera house is under
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construction and not knowing what it is to be implemented i'll not aware of the public restrooms in that vicinity just look at how people on behalf of in the real world we'll agree that a pit stop would be helpful there. >> we'll keep our eyes open (calling names). >> supervisors i'm james sword the president of the hate ashbury council for more than a year pushing for the pit as to the in the hate ashbury we're disappointed they entered others neighborhoods first but in addition to the gentleman's comment i want to point out it looks on the status to rooms in the neighborhood that are listed that will available to the public are not i believe the j.c. the one at page and cannon
9:48 pm
i can think of 3 off the top of my head that needs the rooms from mosaic to other parts in the tenderloin should be brought into the neighborhood like the hate unlike neighborhoods that meet the high demands we have visitors we're a high tourist location and as you may know tourism helps to run this city i'll urge to help you move those into the hate asbury by the need them and we have a lot of calls regarding the feces and urine i've made those calls i've seen people from all walks of life and know a neighbor that lives a block away clean up and it is not just the people the franchises i've seen people
9:49 pm
jumping out of cars and urinating in hate ashbury and continuing i think that cross all economic values that needs to come to the hate and please bring the tenderloin pit stop to the hate ashbury thank you. >> thank you (calling names). >> thank you, supervisors my name is kevin a business owner and residents in district one business owner in district 67 one of the locations that was mentioned actually is on 6th street and brian on fulsome street i can say we need more public restrooms i experience it coming to work and have a 7-year-old daughter it is difficult when a little girl asking to find a room in san francisco as a business owner we have clients our clients are large companies like other than and drop box and we have instant
9:50 pm
problems with people urban nationally and defecating so i completely support it as a business owner to move forward to the board of supervisors and expanding this program thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm carly with the have the nonprofit that works with homeless youth in the hate this issue of having access to clean public radio restrooms is critical like with just visual part of our programs is actually clean power the street and the user rinses are having to clean up after it is a major issue the number one issue that is brought up in the neighborhood council and the administers association when people are speaking about problems our neighborhood is dealing with and the idea there are public restrooms available
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like the police station and the fire department i didn't know that is a resource that is available let alone tourists and the homeless like they realize this is able but wouldn't consider that a resource but a clean environment is crucial so thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please my name is christian and representing the hate ashbury merchant association i'll read a letter from the hate ashbury merchant association they support to staff the public rooms whether the existing parks or the roving one little needs for twenty-four hour public assess for residents and visitors to use and the president will send a letter to
9:52 pm
you guys regarding this well also on the fire department and the police station most of those bathrooms are out of order maybe not for the general pub public we had kids go and try to use the public station they're denied assess the only these boardrooms are the downstairs the ones we've attempted to use are out of order and the ones upstairs are for the firefighters we have been talking to dpw and supervisor breed about putting the pit stops in the hate and have a workforce program that is designed to work with the kids and a successful program that we provide housing for services they work and clean up the streets and willing to man the toilets on a volunteer basis and
9:53 pm
it is a working model we can actually have worked with the pits stops in the hate asbury thank you. >> thank you. >> (calling names) i'm sorry no, no you were in line after this next speaker (calling names). >> supervisors thank you. i'm chris s c h u l l i thought we were down with the names i'm representing the lower polk communities thank you to supervisor kim and supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen for you know hanging out and listening what we have to say i think lower polk communities district has been working closely with the la boss in the
9:54 pm
tenderloin work with sergeant ma custodial that is correct we heard allowed the room is a big problem for that park the safety and drug use and prostitution is an issue they said the number one thing they'll do to improve the park staff that restroom i'm pleased did benefit district about make a commitment to staff that room next year we're working with dpw and j.c. on the details and it will happen to so the benefit district will staff that hoping to get improvement and really hope probation officer work with the city long-term to get it staffed beyond 2017 thank you for your time and looking forward to working with supervisor kim and her staff thank you.
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>> thank you, paul i didn't. >> good afternoon. i'm the director of the engagement for households community housing partnership 100 percent in favor of keep that in mind the pit stops to defendant indicate inside with dignity i remember chris daily going at it in his chambers thinking that sigmund freud was alive they would be pleased when we talk about the defecating the solutions with really, really good to give people a pot to pea in and do what every other thing that
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human beings do and echoing the comment not just about homelessness i would in the marina for a short monument and those kids have problems with respecting a toilet as well i'm now it is really excited to see we're moving away part of san francisco from the penaltytion and ticketing and sending people to 850 bryant and coming up with solutions that work for all of us thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm dane with the korea i'm all for the public bathrooms because of dignity and health issues and coming out of you're showcasing place and seeing people urinate between cars e cars is not pleasant.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm the public policy manager at the partnership and a residents of district 8 i live a half block away from public toilets my objections is or not and people are going there it is clean there's an tenant there so you know, i see that as a huge asset where i live and as a public health professional i want to say that health is not a privilege but a right for everyone and basic sanctuary it is good for public health i'm in support of extending this program thank you. >> km. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is elie i'm a residence
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of district 6 for several years especially in the tenderloin i'm here to ask you to talk with you're showcasing colleagues ta to support and expand the pit stop program there is only one problem i have unlike everyone else i have the exact same thing my blood didn't go by a clock those 0 would be denied shelter can't stay at others locations they need to use the restroom maybe the tourists out drink in the hate or castro they needed need to use the program of this is expanded for 24-hour hours a day at least to 1 or 2 clock in the morning thank you. >> i'm a community organizer with of the partnership i'm in support of expanding the pit
9:59 pm
stop program citywide i want to call your attention to the workers that are mann the stops and consider that is xoeld rainy and cold very shelter to stay i've seen them out there often they do really hard work maintaining the facilities i want to call outs their situation not being able to sit or have shelter if the elements on the job thanks. >> anyone else that want to speak on item number 4 please come up we're going to close public comment soon oh, hi. >> jennifer coalition on homelessnessness it is supporting expanding the pit stop and what a beautiful thing to talk about actual solutions to an issue that is really wonderful and i think that there's nothing there dignified than be able to use the restroom
10:00 pm
in private it is just so important to human integrity i can't say emphasis that enough none uses restrooms outdoors it is just not in human nature about that activity so i want to thank supervisor kim and the rest of the supervisors and we really support this thanks. >> thank you that is good to hear is there any additional public comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed. at this time >> supervisor kim any last minute remarks if not we'll move on. >> i just want to thank everyone for coming out it is not often that we launch a program that is gets 100 percent actually 100 percent positive favorable from the community this is a rarity in san francisco although i hear we definitely need to expand the hours our blackboards
10:01 pm
don't run on a clock it is in the night time i'll glad to see the staff are operating at longer hours i'm looking forward to expanding this program we've demonstrated it's success in district 678 and south of market and the tenderloin all communities can use the toilets we need a space like this in every single neighborhood and you like i said, it is a great resource for the residents and our nightclubs but maybe our 50/50 hotel residents that don't have the great right restrooms i've used the restrooms as someone that grew up in the city i know i have a map of restrooms that are available which mcdonalds and gaps and starbuck's i think many of us do and it is better for the
10:02 pm
tourists and our farmer's market vendors have something you don't have to figure out what public rooms whether you're a customer that is a great story and thank you director nuru it is his leadership in getting this program off to a great start the program is incredible. >> thank you to the controller's office and rec and park we're looking at many ways to expand this program and i think in the most cost effective way possible take advantage of the resources and i do want to thank make the community advocates in helping us bring this program to life i want to that thank any colleagues supervisor malia cowen and supervisor wiener and many in our driblts. >> supervisor kim you want to file this item or to the call of the chair i'm open to both you
10:03 pm
if you want to move that forward or happy to file it. >> okay. i'll make a motion to file. >> okay motion by supervisor kim to file this item we'll take that without objection. that motion carries before this body? >> there's no further business. >> >> ladies and gentlemen, that's a wrap thank >> alfred welcome to your unit
10:04 pm
>> so we're going to take >> alfred welcome to your unit >> so we're going to take you. >> hi, i'm carl with the fisherman's we're thrilled to have you here i get to open a lot of buildings or buildings and none of them brings me more pleasure than today a one and 90 units of air force's affordable housing in the heart of san francisco mere jobs and near transit in the middle of the worst housing crisis to see this project come to reality having done this inspires and brings mayor edwin lee me pride a huge public-private partnership this deals dates back to chris daily in 2003 and in his office talking about what level of affordability we'll need what is now infinity that deal 12 years
10:05 pm
ago is finally give me rise to this project and the two at infinity close to 4 hundred uptsz among those 3 sites so i'm grateful to the supervisor to the supervisors predecessor grateful to the mayor and the mayors predecessor for the public and private partnering to make that happen and grateful to the mayor's office of housing who's down the logistics and more importantly thank you to don and n mtc that controlled that site and worked with us this is their product their housing we're thrilled to be partners with t n d c the labor life company that saw and put money into this project that helps to provide housing. >> jobs in san francisco and
10:06 pm
perry this is a huge public-private partnering but you explicit come here to hear from me we got a call could we pull the agenda for this forward i week i didn't see what a wonderful morning to be able to open one 90 units of affordable housing on the dawn of the mayor's re-election by more importantly the passing of prop a and the commitment to the housing bond in san francisco so congratulations to everyone (clapping.) with great pleasure introduce mayor ed lee that helped to make that happen congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you, carl. >> well campaigns is over we're going right to work and i am also grateful to carl and to your relationship with tndc to
10:07 pm
our work request supervisor kim and making this happen he was here already months ago looking at the some of the unit and visualizing what some of the new residents will see are a long, long time i'm glad they're here that is the exact the stories we're chasing when we said let's get a promotion up before the voter and get a $310 million which will be matched with other money from the budget thanks to the board of supervisors and us agreeing with a higher goal he, he we are already with this how do we do that? bond we're already locating nonprofit partners for more housing we are using the word carl something you and your investors know about investment and about leveraging and this was a
10:08 pm
parking lot that we invested in now we're leveraging it into residences one hundred 90 brand new unit all 100 percent affordable it an incredible story i told don earlier he's the only one that can tell the history how many hands and how many relationships had to be built and trust factor to be created in order for today to happen it is complicated i'll let don tell the story but those agencies that live to tell those stories i'm glad he's with us and not only do we have this particular site to celebrate but it is on the dawn of celebrating more we'll have a lot more keys given out to love people that need housing in the city the
10:09 pm
workforce is part of the success whether or not teachers the one teacher got in on an incredible lottery that she had to wind travels in order to get in but hopefully for teachers and health care workers people that work in restaurant and hotels make a good living but find it did to the will live in the city in is what the housing bond does as part of this this is what the private segment a dog more and more with us in government is trying to match up what they can do with us so you can literally see that people in the business whether the market-rate or low income housing can find that connection with government and be supportive to make sure that more units are affordable the obligation here targeted with one and 602 unit somehow and
10:10 pm
someway that story and that relationship was to solid with city government we reached up to one hundred 90 units that's what we want to do supervisor kim; right? we want to set a goal and see how we can steady this is what the incredible story is about we'll do that in many sites certainly with the package of prop k you are joint efforts to locate oil public land we've gun control sites and some of the developers with literally calling and saying what wee, we do together now the message is clear you can do more we can all be more successful if we work together that's the message our prop a, prop k, our incredible relationships with the private developers and certainly with
10:11 pm
community-based nonprofits i'm landmark to handing out keys and people will be happy to receive and having this incredible courtyard that is a positive experience right in the middle of san francisco are these center and we have a number of sites within two or three block radius that are going to be underdevelopment in the next few years that signals on i didn't believe amount of of affordable housing people will say it great that is guarantee close to transit and close to our civic center park and going to be center of a lot of good activities that people want to be close to as we want to live here and closeness to our arts organizations that continue to lead the effort along mid market
10:12 pm
and so there's a lot of good news and grad to see the office of economic workforce development is here and the department of building inspection, because we're all ready tarnishing not only the sites we're going to do housing on but ideas as to how to accelerate them and an accelerator fund maybe talk with our kwiblt partners to accelerate all the goals we want because i know that our labor folks don't have enough to do want more work; right? michael they want more work and do it the right way and get the housing up that is for the would it be fair to say as well thank you to you everybody all the partnerships we've had here and let's keep doing this more than slnlt let's go to work and get more done and video more smiles
10:13 pm
on families thank you. >> (clapping.) supervisor kim. >> first of all, i want to give a big congratulations to the mayor for winning his election 4 more years. >> (clapping.) we've not had much such a mayor and such an hour how were you to work with him and 24 particular we're seeing 80 percent of san francisco's development the statistic i'm proud of district 6 is building 44 percent in all of san francisco's affordable housing (clapping.) and i would not be possible not for first of all, the strong support of our mayor and working with us to push the envelope both looking for the nonprofit institution and our private developers who know how important to how's everyone in the city but also i want to
10:14 pm
recognize we have a strong institution of community-based organizations in the district that fight more affordable housing for decades and tenderloin corporation with search warrant r is one of them i want to acknowledge their work additional don fox leadership (clapping.) and building more affordable housing and we have several anymore sites i'm excited about mixed use p mission and howard and 4 and the forethought so when the revenue and the opportunities came forward we built affordable housing in the city where the land is incredibly scarce but what is exciting for me, i want to share a story in august i interviewed commissioners 3 applicants what was astonishing most of 3 applicant were recipients of the affordable housing program with an lived in my district court
10:15 pm
and the second was the housing magnitude by life-saving strfrtd and the third housing for 14 mists a tenderloin residents it is how for this work is it feels last week we're not building enough when you meet the youth and families in the neighborhood we've built affordable housing those are the most cranial moments i'm excited to welcome our recipe to the in and look forward to serving you finally he just want to give a shout out and thank the city for their support of building more affordable housing it has been 20 years since we last passed the affordable housing bond no 1996 for one hundred million dollars and last night for one hundred and $50 million that will have a tremendous impact not only to the district i
10:16 pm
represent across the city and we have a lot to do a lot to do when i came into the office we were building at 80 percent of low income housing needs that is good but have to keep up the numbers we were this only building others less than 12 percent we have to continue to build low income affordable housing we have to we must build more middle-income housing in san francisco in order to keep diverse san francisco whether it is giant on this site or you know with future projects i look forward to making sure we are doing the balance we need to see thank you very much and congratulations to everyone involved (clapping.) >> thank you, supervisor kim i'm don fox ceo of the tenderloin development c n b c
10:17 pm
i'm tired those kind of projects have hundreds if not thousands i want to recognize our partners mayor ed lee supervisor kim and the mayor's office of housing tishman's and hundreds of others we just are part of progress and those don't happen without a collection of people the story of this site begins in 1998 and so if nothing else this is a story of perseverance bank of america owned a parking lot the bart or parking lot the purpose was because they were going to eventually need to expand the data center right next door they were going to need more computers well, it turn out because of the rapid growth of technology computers don't need more space but less space they
10:18 pm
declared it surplus land and argued to to proposal to sell the property in a bargain sale below the market value value in order for us to build housing it is 17 years later that's a very arduous and difficult process through recreations and boosts the detergent of affordable housing resources that are available from the state and federal government many challenges to overcome to produce housing like this i think that is important for me to say and for us to understand this is not mark farrell affordable housing not mark farrell dwelling units those are homes and home is the platform for opportunity for people if people have affordable homes they don't have to make the
10:19 pm
choice been paying rent and medical skewer and teacher of the hear of their children we do much more than off for you walls and a ceiling thank you very much for being here and ems to the next person that's correct (clapping.) >> we have two units that are open for anything that wants to go in and see the units what else am i supposed to say eric. >> but we thank everyone for coming that this is a great public partnering thank you to everyone for working together to make this
10:20 pm
10:21 pm
>> good morning, everyone welcome to the veterans academy here node presidio and i want to thank our veterans administration how you doing vets great to see you
10:22 pm
and we're here to rezoning confirm over commitment to the vets and thankfully for joined by address the commission up to three minutes. par offending and mark, thank you for joining me this presidio has and this site has been a very successful model of housing affordable housing for our veterans and it has been a part of a network of housing that beacon hill and i worked on now sam dodge beven margaritas to rest a little bit as our homeless are thank you to the staff in working closely with any office of housing and focus on vets i know that veterans day is around the corner we have
10:23 pm
more news was we rezoning confirm our commitment to end chronic homelessness and thank you to president obama and the first lady mrs. obama they've challenged many mayors across the country to make sure all us mayors do we we can to he said the homeless of vets we'll do that in san francisco i want to thank our source of hours sharing michael are you are a wonderful agency and working on homes for heros on office of the city administrator it's street and residential hostilities of hotels lying ever like the one on kearny center the that is yet again another great model today, weer identifying that we have about 200 and 70 homeless veterans we're going to houses by the end of the year and
10:24 pm
identifying housing unit but asking for more help we're going to be helping help from the federal government we need to make sure that those vouchers that our veterans get have the opportunity value that is reflective of the kinds of housing costs our vets are facing even though we have perhaps enough of those vouchers to go around they don't reflect the high cost of living that's why we're advocating with hud and the freshen to increase the value 0 so this bmsz a more valuable thing the other part to request we have a deeper commitment by the property owners in san francisco we have great people who have served our country that are having have possession of the voufrngz and need homes and apartments and place kept off the market we want to make sure that we ask a
10:25 pm
broad venue of landlord and property owners throughout the bay area to assist us in low income those units for our fine veterans this is what we're nourng today begins with the city's commitment address my commitment as a son of a vet he want san francisco make sure i honor my father and his service by honoring the vets and treat them as they're my own kin as well we can't do more and better by treating them well they've stated that for the country our role to make sure we honor them and not just housing in our city when we welcome in vets do it in a holistic way services that are invaluable and a lot of issues have arisen for the vets we've identified over time and want to
10:26 pm
provide them with good health services and good job plummet and training that's why our office in concert with our homes are create a jobs portfolio for the vets for one stop and working with the trustees like ac election ralph at city college to make a ask the next question to those who are returning and work with them as they get the training and jobs of the 21st century we want to be there with supportive community community-based organizations and all the training agencies have a spot for veterans to make sure their convenient and assessable and effective in giving job training to our vets ultimately i want to make sure our vets with work in the 15 destroys that are indicative of our success as a
10:27 pm
city health care a big economic driver why not and tourism and hotel industry and culinary worlds best we're hosting the super bowl 50 why not have the opportunity veterans in that tourism and making sure they're part with us and earner good job in the technology industry over the course vets can help that is what we're doing with tech sf recruiting veterans and young people to work together to make sure they have the job skills and we're creating in our city a administrative reviews segment that hopefully regrets the kind of commitment for look good men and women in the past this is making things with our hands and something we want to work request city college and the local legislators have a brewery
10:28 pm
and candy and crocks or my favorite ice cream i can make ice cream over the course i can make my favor one scoop for you two scoops for me in all the destroys we want our vets strained and ready and able we'll be advise our employers that you have a very great pit in picking a veteran for a job while advocate and make sure you have every chance of success ublt though that housing is one of the most important things that's why the question what a crisis in the city and make sure that out of this crisis we emphasis the needs for people who have already as far as i am concerned for our country that is getting homes for our veterans we have more to say than when it comes to veterans that are homeless we want to make sure that they're off our
10:29 pm
streets and on to warm housing that's why we're securing the are long term leases with our residential hotel but we want to take over the vabt vacant hotels and rezoning do them and rezoning wire and rezoning paint and have them with new facilities and alliances just like 250 kearny street expensive but worth it you should see the faces of those they'll not be proudly when in they're in the center of where everything is happening and get a lot of good contact right next door in the restaurant and in the industries that are downtown to get the jobs we want those are all the things we're doing we're also building new housing for the veterans how about new housing in mission bay we've dedicated and break ground brand new
10:30 pm
housing for the veterans i'm proud of working with the mission bay residents they embraced that idea if the get go so 9 biotechnology companies and others welcomed the veterans where we have more and make sure that we preserve the housing that veterans with in right now and to make sure that a place like this gets a long he remember long-term history ♪ city and work with the presidio trust to make sure they how were you that as well i think that of all places and whether it is downtown, whether it is otis or the mission bay the presidio has extra matt haney because this is was the place a lot of people in the history took off to protect our country and welcome them so thank you veterans and the administration that is working with us and thank you to the
10:31 pm
community groups and homeless staff and outreach staff and the service providers thank you sam for your leadership you're taking acknowledge now in fulfilling big shoes that beven has in taking a - but most 0 importantly will to eir e every single one of our veterans thank you for your your sacrifice and service i have gifts i want to welcome up here for a little bit of discussion about his life and what this means where patrick >> thank you, sir (clapping.) >> we're really excited about moving into the academy today, i just my dog and i are owner move-in thank you to the plowshares and the mayor and people to help house everybody
10:32 pm
that is involved in the preservations in this city and country i'm truly grateful for this opportunity. >> thank you very, very much (clapping.) >> thank you, patrick and you know now for mark your welcomed to those welcoming bathes for the unit they have some good seeshltz and stuff you can much on a great partner in the city one i cherish flou plowshares your obvious on the other hand, and in people's lives and advertising us on the issue buses a day to day basis that is unavailable in central government to keep us on track so michael. >> (clapping.) thank you i don't want else to
10:33 pm
say you've covered that all geeze what can i say i'll say that this you know this building inspection former admitted base is the swords to plowshares to a place that people are former soldier are healing and having housing and since and response to that it is magical when you do things like give a veteran and can we to their own home helping with jobs and benefits that's a key we've been here since 2000 i said this base being able to take a deep breath and look around christie one of the most you beautiful spots this is worth several therapist i don't want to offending the therapist but taking a deep
10:34 pm
breath it is making a big difference with the community you know having a backing of mayor ed lee and this commitment that is what it takes takes a tremendous investment in the federal side and the federal assistance the veterans and the hope and a hope house and office all the working very hard people that is how it happens at the end of the day the veterans are there we need services on staff and onsite to make a difference in their lives they've what wife be able to do with the help in the city it is typifies a time we're grateful and onward and upward thank you so much really (clapping.) >> okay wow.
10:35 pm
wow, i get to give the keys to each one >> alfred welcome to your unit here (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> mark welcome to our unit thank you we're proud thank you. >> patrick welcome to your unit and your. >> reilly thank you very much. >> so we're going to take age tour all right. thanlittle tou
10:36 pm
2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on
10:37 pm
the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened
10:38 pm
in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy
10:39 pm
even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a
10:40 pm
goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco
10:41 pm
golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log
10:42 pm
[ gavel ] all right. good morning. welcome to our november 3, 2015, plans and programs meeting of the ta. happy election day. i hope everyone got out and voted. i'm katie tang, chair of the committee and we have to my right commissioner london breed and norman yee and i would like to thank jim and jennifer lowe from sf govtv. >>clerk, please call the roll.
10:43 pm
>> commissioner farrell, commissioner breed, commissioner yee, commissioner tang. we have a quorum. >> item 2. citizen advisory committee item. >> good morning, commissioners, short today which is nice for all of us. item no. 4 was the only allocation request we took up and it was mostly centered and signals and specifics which weren't really addressed because it's not part of the allocation request. but some of the things we were thinking of were pedestrian signaling and cross streets and bike network and we were told the primary focus of the request was for the signal lights but
10:44 pm
mta would look as to whether or not these items would be able to follow. and regarding the equity project and specifics primarily how they plan to engage riders from cultural backgrounds and padilla expanded the details quite well and we are quite happy with the resulting discussion we had with that. a couple of things in our new business that i want to bring to your attention. one was the mission bra -- bay project held up in court and the rail yard fees ability study. i just want to mention that was brought up in the public comment and that planning is going to be coming to the ta's in january or february to discuss that with us.
10:45 pm
that's the update. >> thank you for your report. i know it's short. in light of the holidays we had to have another program meet today. thank you very much. any questions or comments? no? okay. this is an information item. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i also want to know -- note that we have commissioner farrell with us and we should have a motion to excuse commissioner christensen today. a motion and moved. commissioner christensen is excused. item 3. >> approve the minutes of the october 20, 2015. an action item. >> all right. seeing no questions or comments. item 3. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we take a roll call vote on that. >> commissioner breed? aye,
10:46 pm
commissioner farrell, aye, commissioner tang, aye, commissioner yee, aye, the minutes are approved. >>supervisor katy tang: item 3 is adopted. item 4. recommend allocating $272,868 in prop k funds and $300,000 in prop aa funds with conditions subject to the attached fiscal year karen flow distribution schedule. >> good morning. we have $230,000 in other funds. i'm jumping to the next project which the mta project design funds to replace the current infrastructure which has passed it's useful life. 15 of the 9
10:47 pm
along the corridor are on the high injury network and five of those included on the pedestrian vision zero network. a complete listing is included in the request in the agenda packet. the project is coordinated with public works as gough street paving project which will be completed early 2016. that paving project will complete the installation for the conduit for the signals that will be with these funds. the project will up great the existing structure and installing pedestrian safety measures along the corridor. the design is expected to be completed october 2016 and the construction of the signals early 2018. the next project is the balance boa area transportation management study. requested by the planning department. so building on several recent public participation and analysis, this
10:48 pm
project will incorporate coordination projects and supervisor yee's office. with the measures and plans and developments for this area the area recommendations analysis will serve as short and long-term transportation planning in the area and ultimately identify measures to minimize transportation demand impacts of current and future developments. the project in these outcomes can result in a model of institution base for transportation and efforts as well. the project levies for $37,000 in project area planning funds for metropolitan planning commission and will be completed this summer. >>supervisor katy tang: i think commissioner yee has a question or comment? >>supervisor norman yee: i will just wait for his presentation to
10:49 pm
finish. >> sorry. >> the last project is ensuring the transit service equity to engage in the project from sf mta. they are requesting funds as a match that would allow mta to do a few things to form with some based organizations and engagement methods and collaborations and gain insights on the public engagement process to help sf mta and muni serve as a more equitable system and found more muni for engaging. sf mta current data base tools are not necessarily appropriate for assessing the needs and concerns in the communities and don't translate to the experience of being a muni rider. the objectives in the screen identified challenges impacting selective neighborhoods and implementing strategies to help social
10:50 pm
related and environmental issues. this project will be completed in mid-2017. with that, we have representatives from the project sponsors from these projects and happy to take questions. >>supervisor katy tang: thank you, commissioner yee? >>supervisor norman yee: i want to thank the study for the balboa park station. it's due time. there has been discussion from the city or the mayor's office to look at the balboa reservoir as a potential site for housing development and during those community meetings, the biggest concern that people had was about not only future traffic issues that the development might cause, it's already grid locked as it is. so we thought it would just take the opportunity to not wait for the
10:51 pm
final conceptualization of the reservoir plan in regards to housing to get started in terms of studying the traffic issues because i think there is probably things we can find solutions for current issues. so i'm hoping everybody will be supportive of this. tang tang -- >>supervisor katy tang: thank you, any other questions or comments? i think these are all great especially with the coupling of the b rt coming online and the improvements to gough street will be important. with that we can open up to public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues can i have a motion and second on that. all right. motion by commissioner farrell and commissioner yee. without objection item 4 is
10:52 pm
adopted and we'll move on to item 5. >> item 5. overview of the san francisco long range transportation planning program. information item. >>supervisor katy tang: thank you. we have multiple staff here available. >> yes, i'm with the transportation authority and joined from the planning department which represents this project from the collaborative effort. we want to call this to your attention because this is going under way and you are going to hear from us over the next couple of years. there has been a lot of planning and funding efforts throughout the city dating back a number of years, we talked about the four corridors plan and the subway master plan initiative by our board chair wiener. bullet in addition all the transit agencies have their own strategic plans and capital plans. we have our own general plan and transportation development and all of our efforts to
10:53 pm
think about the longer term in san francisco. and here at the transportation authority we have a transportation plan which pulls all the different plans together. the first plan in 2003 outlines our sales tax expenditures and identifies the priority network which later became the rapid network and now moving forward. and in 2013, we adopted our most recent countywide plan and a number of key representations working around the city and region including significant investment in muni as well as regional transit and really identifies that we are in need of transit expansion planning in addition to maintenance on streets and roads and non-motorized transit and networks and identify projects and tdm as well as freeways and mandating freeways in a new idea in that plan and our new revenue sources which is
10:54 pm
something that has come to pass in the last couple of years. since the plan was adopted, there have been a number of new initiatives that we know we are going to be driving some of our planning work. the obvious in the room is there has been a tremendous amount of growth with employment as well as visitors and what that has results is crowding and congestion. this is across all modes from regional transit to local transit and we have biking and walking which is great and we need to make sure that they are safe and comfortable out there. in addition there is all of these new transportation option that we are getting started along the way but the scale and number of them have increased with things like bike sharing and scooter sharing and in addition to cart sharing. we are not seeing them on the streets yet but the autonomous vehicles and the landscaping is shifting and we need the know what the local policies
10:55 pm
are and how we want to shape those. in addition we have seen great product mrems -- implementation and it's construction and central subway and fleet is turning over, bike projects. this is very good unprecedented level of construction and around the city. that means we are getting near the end of the ideas that we have to implement and talking about what is the next set of projects beyond that are taking the next number of projects. the other one is change in revenue sources. we have passed props a and b last fall and the transportation sustainability study this afternoon and recent statewide cap and trade funds and changes at the federal level and lack of changes with this grid lock unable to get a break through from our
10:56 pm
traditional sources with respect to federal funding. also going on right now are a number of studies really things -- thinking about the future when it comes to transit capacity. so bart, sf mta are all leading different ideas for how they want to expand this capacity to meet the demand growth of the network and how this fits together. that's where our study comes in. it's the long range transportation planning program an it is a number of different aspects all knitted together. the very first piece being a vision that help us look into the longer term to where we want to be going with the land use transportation and a couple of modal studies that look into somethings that are signature significant -- as well as our freeways and how we
10:57 pm
best manage traffic as it comes through the city and especially projects including how much capacity we can provide. we can begin our transportation san francisco plan looking at the time horizon in time with the regional transportation plan and finally an update to the transportation plan of the general element which has now been updated in the last 20 years. i'm going through it very quickly what they entail. the very first piece we are going to call a vision. in the 50 years pull out some of the funding constraints. if we had our way, what would san francisco look like and how we want people to get around. we'll use the time to set the goals objectives by the value networks to evaluate all the projects and ideas that come through. we'll also be doing an existing conditions and needs assessments to inform those moves. the other piece is that we'll
10:58 pm
be looking at land use in addition to transportation and we'll run some sensitivity test to see if we run more or less in the production to grow than is traditionally growing and what do we need transportation to respond or turning on its head what type of land uses are more supportive and what can we channel for those investments. coming out of the vision that will really set that framework and idea we'll go we'll be doing a couple of modal studies that we can be consistent with the region that is federally mandated and can start to think about funding constraints to have it be a realistic investment and this can be for transit studies and regional opportunities and also the
10:59 pm
freeways and arterials. there is a lot of discussion of what we should do with our freeways and best ways to manage the traffic coming through our city. coming out of the modal studies and also in parallel to the transit study we'll be updating the sftp and this is looking again at the 2015 time horizon that are giving the land direction and what we are doing not only is one of the first to integrate regional transit not just with where we want to go with muni an planning process and what else do we want in terms of cal trans and all the operators that are operating in our city and knit them altogether into one transit mesh and in addition sf tp goes beyond transit and going about multimodal transportation if you are talking about a bike strategy versus a transit improvement and trying
11:00 pm
to say what are the hardships we can make. the key modes are the investment season yoers, -- scenarios and which are funded and if were able to fund down sources what are the next projects in line. at the same time we do policy and advocacy recommendations looking at some of those new trends we discussed in our earlier presentation at the regent state and federal levels. and then once that work is done, a very final piece will be an update of the general plan and this will codify the transition goals, after the four corridors plan up to the transition planning to identify the corridors to be that transportation element and basically there is a number of different topics that need to be updated and we are using this
11:01 pm
opportunity to looking at the planning effort to how to update the policies that don't get up on a general basis. >>supervisor katy tang: quick question, is there a deadline to meet these general plans? >> i'm going to let josh answer this from the planning department. >> good morning, josh with the planning department. my understanding is there is not a mandated date schedule along with the housing element which requires a schedule. the other plans don't have a state mandated requirement. it's just that they have to be "updated" but there is not any specific time horizon to be updated. >> okay. thank you. i'm glad we are doing this. commissioner yee? >>supervisor norman yee: in regards to whether or not the state mandates update, is it possible to get
11:02 pm
update every 6 months or so? >> on the transportation lement? >> it would happen in the 2018 program. because there is a driving concern about doing it ahead of that planning work, i don't think it would be updated on an earlier timeframe. that's not what's anticipated in the work program. does that answer your question? >> it seems by the time there are changes it would be nice to know if there are any changes anticipating that we not wait a few years. >> it's a significant effort to update an element of the general plan.
11:03 pm
we recently opened up the space of the element and four to 5 years. it involves a project outreach, this long range project that michael is describing will entail and involves looking at all the policies and priorities of the city. it's quite an intensive effort. that's why it's been 20 plus years since the city has done it and the ideas that there is a long range plan that has some weight and can take the city for 1-2 decades into the future without updating it on a very frequent basis. does that answer your question. >> in regards to the community or the outreach piece on this, what are the plans around that? what are we supposed to be doing? >> thanks. it's a great question. i have a sort of near term
11:04 pm
timeline on the next slide. but we do anticipate stakeholders outreach throughout the process for kicking into high gear in the spring and the process to make sure we are being representative of citywide input as well as particularly targeting hard to reach stakeholders of people who are less represented in transportation plans and in communities and communities of color. that will be happening throughout the process. i think one thing that josh was implying is this a long range plan that is supposed to last a couple of decades. the plan, the countywide plan that is updated every four 4 years and the two documents speak to each other but have slightly different purposes. we are combining them here and in an unpress cedented way we are scooping these together and what are the
11:05 pm
city's priorities in both the near term as well as the longer term. >> i will just wait for you to present that piece then if you have another slide on that. >> just one more slide. >> yes, this is the near term schedule. i wanted to very quickly know -- note what's going to happen in the next few months. we have the consultant services available on our website. it's on the front page. we hope to get a good response from the consultant community on that but that doesn't mean we are not, in the meantime the agencies are going to be working near the term task to get this moving because we know there is a need to get these task goes. we have the award for the contract in january and this will come to the finance committee because there is a contract but you will see at the full board and as i mentioned we'll be doing the
11:06 pm
first stakeholder outbreak. the first major outreach. sf tp did a very small outreach last summer and we targeted so the community based organizations to let them know this was happening and there will be an update but a much larger effort in the spring. >>supervisor katy tang: thank you very much for the information. just to build on commissioner yee's comments. i would like to see more update than every 20 years. i understand it's a very extensive process to update the general plan but 20 years is too long given a lot of changes we are seeing in the city. in any case we are glad that we are under going this process right now. i know this is just an information item tempt. with that, -- at the moment. >> in terms of the progress
11:07 pm
updates. it's like what's going on, you know? are there some issues that you are facing that we should know about right now. when you do contracts with community based groups, what are the outcomes that we are expecting present that. i'm not real clear about it right now. >> thank you. that's a great comment and part of the reason we are here is to get this group very engaged and informed and we plan to use this vehicle to come back and really talk about citywide and countywide issues and talk about what frequencies make sense to talk about this project and what we are doing. >> thank you. >> i really appreciate the interest and the desire to come back more frequently and give you snapshots of
11:08 pm
what's happening. planning is a real process. we have a countywide plan every 10 years and moving to every four 4 years to the plan bay area regional process because we are moving so fast and we are seeing complex issues that come with that growth. so what we'll be bringing for example next month will be an update to our management program. so in between countywide planning updates every 2 years required to update the board and tampa bay about what's happening with the congestion and accessibility in the city and we'll be coming back next month and talk about what parts of the city is getting slower and what are experiencing transportation challenges and/or improvements and that way we hope to keep the public engaged on a more continuous basis. on the
11:09 pm
transportation plan, that's where you are going to see policies and moving towards different performance measures. i think that's something that is more durable. it's certainly we hear the message that you would like to hear the city come back more frequently. we will be doing that as michael and josh is said as part of this work. it's a huge effort to collaborate with all of our agencies and partners and we'll hopefully bring you updates on a regular basis. >>supervisor katy tang: thank you very much. any other questions or comments? seeing none. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public
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♪ ? an incredible program because we take regular kids teach them the love of the game. we have no emphasis on winning we only have an emphasis on learning and trying as hard as they can that's it and the chips fall where they may. when students leave our program whether or not adults or kids they'll have a mechanical understanding of what they have. you don't have to be 7 feet tall or be super faster but you do need skwil. once you teach kids how to have
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(clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the orchestra. the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he
11:47 pm
was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great stories for on opera. i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the
11:48 pm
support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san francisco no other organization was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have organizations well, i thought that was going to be our speciality >> you create a conceptual idea for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i
11:49 pm
looked at sports looking at the daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place to collect and collaborate. i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial
11:50 pm
>> it operates as a laboratory we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that aspect of renaissance and new work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality
11:51 pm
every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story combined with opera music it allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky.
11:52 pm
you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do >> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been
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on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape
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the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc >> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font
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for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that
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are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college
11:57 pm
that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla. >> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give>> good
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afternoon, and welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, november 12th, 2015. i would like to remind members of the public that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or any outburst of any kind. please silent any mobile devices or anything that would sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking, please state your name. at this time, i would like to take roll. [roll call]. >> commissioners first on your agenda, your items proposed for continuance at the time, we have no items proposed for continuance. since then, the item 8 for


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